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2013 Rugby League World Cup Overview

It might have snuck under the radar for those who aren’t ardent rugby league fans but there is a world cup on currently and you know what it has been quite fun. Both group A amd B have completed their … Continue reading

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Save the Associates!

I know, I’m a few days late on this but blame uni and people. There has already been a lot of people, making good observations about the ICC wanting to rid the World Cup of minnows including: Cricket With Balls: … Continue reading

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Irish eyes are smiling

Draw the curtain, the show is over, Ireland’s journey through the 2011 Cricket World Cup, has ended in the way it began, with some entertainment. Kevin O’Brien sent two balls into the crowd to record Ireland’s second victory of the … Continue reading

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Australia win, again? The Marsh and Bollinger show

Australia v England 2nd ODI Scorecard Well, two in a row who would have thought? Australia have started their roll onto the World Cup with back to back victories, this time though it wasn’t a Watson Wonderland, it was Marsh … Continue reading

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