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Mankad dismissal hides English frailties

Cricket – it is usually defined as the contest between the bat and ball; In the last decade though, with the invention of twenty20 cricket and various law changes from power plays and the reduction of bouncers have neutered the … Continue reading

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2013 Rugby League World Cup Overview

It might have snuck under the radar for those who aren’t ardent rugby league fans but there is a world cup on currently and you know what it has been quite fun. Both group A amd B have completed their … Continue reading

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Slapdash Cricketers

Remember when, as a child, you wanted something urgently but your parents would say “Patience is a virtue., this also holds true for cricket. It seems though, watching the two test series between South Africa and Australia, that it’s been … Continue reading

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The Pat Cummins Complex

It’s been trumpeted as a new era of Australian cricket, with the Argus review recommending sweeping changes. It’s been a positive beginning, with Michael Clarke leading his men to a 1-0 win away in Sri Lanka. The poster boy for … Continue reading

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This is for the true believers

Confused. Disappointed. Hurt. That is the general feeling amongst Dragons after the shameful surrender against the Roosters. It wasn’t the huge comebacks like against Canberra and South Sydney but it was an empty feeling. Normally when the Dragons go into … Continue reading

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Cricket Australia Contracts: Who’s in and out

It’s been quiet here on the Randwick End and obviously on the cricket front, with Australia not playing any cricket but we have something to talk about, with the annual list of contracted players released today from Cricket Australia. The … Continue reading

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New South Wales Team Picking Blog #254768

Can you smell that? No it’s not the steaming pile of crap that Matt Orford dumps on the football field, it’s origin time! Everyone has had their say, who shoul;d and shouldn’t be in origin, so I thought, I might … Continue reading

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