Save the Associates!

I know, I’m a few days late on this but blame uni and people. There has already been a lot of people, making good observations about the ICC wanting to rid the World Cup of minnows including: Cricket With Balls: God Hates Associates Claims ICC! but the most important is signing the petition to keep the “world” in the world cup: Minnows Petition

Sign it today, don’t make the World Cup a closed shop between the test playing nations, we need the Irelands, Netherlands, Afghanistans etc to keep them on their toes!

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2 Responses to Save the Associates!

  1. Brentoe says:

    I like the idea of the minnows playing – especially when you see things like Ireland beating England and Bangladesh (when they were an associate) beating Australia.. That’s part of the charm of a world cup – and how are these nations ever going to be able to compete with the best if they don’t get to play against them?! Instead of limiting the competition to 10 teams, make it 12 so there is a chance for a few minnows to qualify.

    In my mind, there are 2 ways that they could decide the teams:

    1. Take a leaf out of the Football World Cup books, have regions and a certain number of places allocated to those regions depending on current ODI rankings. For example:
    Asia – 4
    Americas + Europe – 4
    Africa + East Asia-Pacific – 4

    This should see all test member nations qualify, but also give the chance for other teams to knock them out if they aren’t performing.

    2. Have the previous winner and the host, followed by the top 3 ODI ranked teams (who aren’t the winner or host) get auto qualification, and the other 5 full members have to qualify with the associates with the top 7 from those qualifications taking the other spots.

    • DragonPunk says:

      Agreed, I like your first idea more tbh, allows it to be much more competitive and allows the minnows entry. If we don’t give them a chance, cricket will stagnate and not go beyond the ten test playing nations.

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