Soaken and defeated in the Shire

Sharks fans, rain and Monday Night, they all were thrown in the mixer to create a devasating cocktail, which would leave a foul taste in all Dragons fans mouths around 9pm Monday Night, after the Cronulla Sharks triumphed 16 points to 10.

The rain had been tumbling all day, off and on but upon arriving the rain started pouring down, which turned the already yellowing grass on the hill of Shark Park turned into mud, becoming a nuisance for all the Dragons supporters and the few Sharks fan, who had a death wish standing on the hill next to them.

Onto the game, Cronulla came out like it was their grand final, they completed their sets, hit the Dragons hard and waited patiently for their opportunities, much like the Dragons did last year (so something the Telegraph wrote was correct! my word).

They waited for our mistakes and there was a serious tactic last night, of targetting Brett Morris’ wing and it worked, he dropped a bomb, which led to Pomeroy’s second try and was involved the clusterfuck, which brought on his first try too. Morris wasn’t the only one, who had a subpar game, the whole side was lacking.

There was no zip, no one willing to do the hard yards, St George looked like they thought, oh we’ll turn up and beat the Sharks but they were ambushed. The Sharks forwards bashed the Dragons, the halves gave them some kind of direction and this all resulted in a rare (hopefully) Sharks victory.

I will say though, the Sharks forward pack, will do that to more packs during the course of the season, the addition of Jeremy Smith has just made them very good but they are still lacking good halves and mostly a backline.

For the Dragons, it was a forgettable night in the wet at the worst ground in the NRL in my opinion. They will improve next week after a tough week in training and head over to New Zealand prepared to play and win.


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One Response to Soaken and defeated in the Shire

  1. Ange says:

    hmm, and i was tempted to tip cronulla, but… eh, shit happens :p

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