Australia win, again? The Marsh and Bollinger show

Australia v England 2nd ODI Scorecard

Well, two in a row who would have thought? Australia have started their roll onto the World Cup with back to back victories, this time though it wasn’t a Watson Wonderland, it was Marsh Magnifigence in the batting and Bowled by Bollinger in the run chase for England.

On a sticky wicket, following some rain in the morning England decided to put Australia in and it bore immediate fruit when Shane Watson chopped on, this creating a precession of batsmen going back to the dugout, Brad Haddin completely played around a delivery that bowled him. Shazad the destroyer thus far, this brought the captain out with the advice of the teenager who crashed the press conference in his ears.

“Don’t push at it Pup.” He didn’t push at the ball but he did slap it straight to Ian Bell and completed the all too familiar walk back to the dressing room bringing out the other Hussey who didn’t emulate his brother and hit it straight to gully, Australia in disarray at 4/34.

Enter Shaun Marsh who didn’t make the World Cup but he wasn’t fazed and played his natural game and formed a good partnership with Cameron White to stabalize the innings before White chipped one to Yardy. Smith, Hauritz and Lee all came and left without a whimper and in comes Doug Bollinger at 8/142, a high score of three before today but today was his day.

Marsh was going about his business and Bollinger provided adequete support even hitting some good cut shots inching the total to a respectable one, Marsh was eyeing the three figures and lifting a six just high enough to bring up his second ODI hundred but shortly after the innings ended with two good catches, Australia all out for 230, Shahzad and Tremlett taking three each.

So, it was set for England, needing 230 but their chase didn’t get off to the best start, Prior nicked one straight to Watson at first slip for a duck giving Lee his first wicket. Enter Bollinger who firstly took out Strauss with an lbw then bowled the danger man Kevin Pietersen with one that nipped back.

Australia though weren’t in front yet, sure England were 3/36 but Bell and Trott were two batsmen who frustratingly won games for England, they prodded the ball around before the Pig was out, Steve Smith was on and bowled a filthy ball and somehow Trott hit it straight to the man and walked off shaking his head, “How did I pick him out,” Bell didn’t add much to the total, slicing one from Brett Lee to the previous wicket-taker Smith, England now in trouble 5/96.

England had their finisher coming out to bat though, the man who could fit seeminglessly into a nursery rhyme, Eoin Morgan but he couldn’t finish them tonight, calling for the powerplay and trying to slog Shane Watson but he put it into the normally unstable hands of Shaun Tait who was surprised as anyone to catch the ball, add this to a comical run-out of Yardy and it was still a positive game for Shane Watson.

Bollinger and the fielding did the rest, removing the tail-enders and giving Australia a 2-0 lead in the seven match series but it wasn’t all roses for Australia, Nathan Hauritz had to go to hospital for a dislocated shoulder and Australia’s pace weapon Shaun Tait discomforted in the groin region and couldn’t finish his sixth over.

Doug was all smiles, 4/28 and 30 runs with the bat.


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One Response to Australia win, again? The Marsh and Bollinger show

  1. kirbyakasid says:

    And now three – I hoepd we’d do this again. I hope we can repeat the 2009 post Ashes ODI series in England.

    I love that photo of Dug. He’s so happy.

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