Calm down everybody!

The Australian public has been spoilt, we’ve had such an awesome cricket team for the last two decades, that once the tide had turned and all those greats had retired, it was going to be a hard slog. This leads us to the current situation we have, losing by an innings against England at the former fortress Adelaide Oval.

Since that loss, people have been saying sack the whole team or make wholesale changes before the next test in Adelaide but that isn’t the way to go. There needs to be a few changes, Marcus North has been the albatross around the Australian Cricket team’s neck for too long and the stink has got rancid. Usman Khawaja, Cameron White, Callum Ferguson and even David Hussey have been touted to replace North but if the selectors want someone proven, they’ll go with David Hussey or Cameron White but if they want to push youth, Khawaja and Ferguson would be the go. Personally I would go for Khawaja or White.

Next subject matter to address is the spinner, Xavier Doherty in his two tests thus far has figures of 3/306 and not being very penetrating, so he needs to fall on his sword, now some have suggested Marcus North playing at the fulltime spinner but that would be a disaster. Nathan Hauritz got a five for at the venue where the third test will be played also he can swing the willow, currently 110* for New South Wales against South Australia. He should walk into the side for the WACA but there has been calls for the long retired spin king Shane Warne to come out of retirement to kick some pom butt.

Lastly is an area where a change will be forced upon Australia, that is the injury to Simon Katich and the logical replacement for him is young whiz kid Phillip Hughes who hasn’t had the best season thus far in domestic cricket but would relish another opportunity to build his already good test career to date. Long shots to usurp to Hughes would be Shaun Marsh who has a century and two fifties to his name in a struggling Western Australian side.

These changes give the side a much needed spark of players who are in form and have youth on their side besides David Hussey, who has mountains of runs to fall back on instead. Making six or seven changes that some people have suggested is illogical and counter productive to helping Australia to win back the Ashes.

Also while Australia were in decline, other teams have improved, reflected in the current standings having Australia 4th behind India, South Africa and England, so the Australian people have to expect some losses along the way while we rebuild and blood some youngsters much like the eighties and look where that got us, the best side over the last 20 years.

So calm down, support the boys and if you’re in Western Australia, Victoria or New South Wales get out to the ground and make more noise than those bloody barmy army bastards who have ruled the GABBA and Adelaide Oval thus far.

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2 Responses to Calm down everybody!

  1. anthonymagro says:

    Good blog mate… shame I don’t care about cricket.

    I look forward to more of your Rugby League related posts

  2. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Good call on White, totally agree. Especially in the light of a possible future skipper. Or is this idea too romantic?

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