Day 2 belongs to Victoria besides Clarke resistance

Building on the solid start (4/211) from day 1, Victoria continued on their merry way although once David Hussey departed for a well made 122, it began a stream of wickets falling (Wade, Hastings and McKay) all gone for less than 20. Andrew McDonald took it upon himself to smash the NSW bowling, especially Stuart Clark who he picked off a length and swung through.

Once he departed, the Victorian innings followed soon after ending at 378. Leaving New South Wales, the greater part of the day to try and get close enough to the total, to either be ahead or not far behind. After a bright start from Shane Watson and Phil Hughes with some beautiful shots to the boundaries, Hughes chopped on and NSW had lost their first wicket.

This would be the theme for the day for New South Wales batsmen, they would get starts and either get a good delivery or throw them away, the only one to place proper value on their wicket, Michael Clarke who finished the day unbeaten on 71, on course to get a valuable century before the Ashes.

New South Wales would be facing an uphill battle to avoid the follow on and a large defiect on their shoulders for their second dig.

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